We offer three levels of membership.

The value proposition

The Foothills Foundation is the local charity that other charities and community services go to when they have nowhere else to go when they need financial support for a client or a community program.

So what you can be sure of is that the contribution that you make will go to people who are really in need and are not able to access help from elsewhere. We have strict guidelines for our grants so that we ensure that this is the case.

We partner with other local charities and community services to collaborate in meeting community needs.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers who are committed to our cause and with a diverse mix of skills to ensure good governance and performance in that cause.

By becoming a member, you make a commitment to support the work that we do in “Improving the lives of disadvantaged people in our community”. Every little bit helps and you will receive a membership certificate in appreciation for your contribution.” and receive an invitation to our Christmas Rendezvous function in December.    

We offer 3 levels of membership with a yearly commitment that is affordable for any individual, family or business.

Individual Membership

$50 per year

Family Membership

$75 per year

Business Membership

$100 per year

"Improving The Lives Of Disadvantaged People In Our Community"

Attend Events

Our events provide people with a fun, social experience and professional presenters who are experts and tell a good story.

Apply For Grant

Grants are given to people in necessitous circumstances in our community or to organizations that support people in need.

Make a Donation

With once off and monthly options, everyone who makes a donation, makes a difference to someone in need, in our community. 


We offer 3 levels of membership with an affordable yearly commitment, suitable for individuals, families and businesses.

Contact Us By Mail

The Foothills Foundation and Charitable Trust
PO Box 384, Croydon Vic 3136

Contact Us By Phone

Natalie Hallett, President : 0404 556 376
Tamara Lloyd, Vice President : 0408 585 319
Tegan Rose, Secretary : 0422 144 198
Martin Lane, Treasurer  : 0402 940 690 

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