One of the highlights of our calendar in 2021 was our Mothers’ Day Morning Tea held at the Karralyka Centre in Ringwood on May 16th.  This event is a fairly new event for the Foothills Foundation and has come about over the last couple of years with the addition of a number of new female members to the Foothills Board which we have not previously had. 

The event is focused on being a fun and positive afternoon celebrating women in our community and also focuses on women sharing stories of their resilience, community involvement and vulnerability. 

This year we had a fantastic lineup of local women who had been personally helped, or their organisation had been assisted by Foothills Foundation Grants.  They included Jenny Willetts, Managing Director of Sable One, Kate Coleman, Jim Fuller Community House Group and Jodie Piper whose family had personally been assisted in a time of need by Foothills Foundation.  The women were well spoken, insightful and had interesting stories to share, a real eye opener as to what’s needed in our community and also a real inspiration as to what amazing people are in our community that help others.

We also briefly heard from Board Members Lauren Gordon, Natalie Hallett, Tamara Lloyd and Tegan Rose and Belinda King from Pinchapoo. 

In addition to hearing from this panel of legendary women we also raised over $10,000 from ticket sales, our live auction (run by Ray White Croydon’s Auctioneer Jeremy Tyrrell), and our raffle. 

Foothills Foundation also teamed up with Pinchapoo who redistribute hygiene products to those in need located in Bayswater.  Kate Austin –  Founder of Pinchapoo kindly donated show bags of goodies to our guests to help boost ticket sales and also provided numerous raffle prizes. 

Overall the afternoon was a huge success and a lot of laughs and a great way for women to have fun with some friends and also network with other women in our community.  We can’t wait for the 2022 High Tea, it will be bigger and better again!

We would like to thank those individuals and organisations who donated their gifts and time including but not limited