Our Partners

At the Foothills Foundation, we very much believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration.

We work together with our partners: local community service providers Local Businesses and philanthropic organisations, to meet specific individual and program needs.

Many other local businesses and individuals give genourously of their time and resources to support the Foothills Foundation:

– Our event hosts  

– Pro bono service providers who help us out with various business services 

– Donors of prizes and auction items for our events

These partnerships are the lifeblood of the Foothills Foundation, making a huge difference to people in need, within our community.

Bendigo Bank Card

A special thanks to our premium sponsor, Bendigo Community Bank Mooroolbark

“Community Bank Mooroolbark has enjoyed a long and strong partnership with the Foothills Foundation over many years. The objectives of The Foothills Foundation
fits well with our own branch goals of developing and supporting a strong community.

By helping those within our community, this benefits us all and The Foothills Foundation has delivered many inspiring and uplifting projects and we are only too proud to support
them with these.

We thank all those wonderful volunteers at The Foothills Foundation for their tireless and fruitful work.”

Our Local Sponsors

In 2021, Section Group was established, this consists of 4 specialised teams to deliver exceptional IT and digital solutions for local businesses. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Section Technologies
  • Section Media
  • Section Communications
  • Section Hosting

Conveniently all available at our Croydon South office.

Since 2011, Section Technologies has been dedicated to fostering the sustainable growth of local businesses by providing affordable IT solutions and great pro-active advice. By doing so, this enables us to keep providing more employment opportunities to people in our community.
Driven by Section Group’s core values, we have proudly partnered with the Foothills Foundation who share the same vision of supporting local people and community service programs.

Assisting leaders to get the workplace they want – where people enjoy coming to work, there is kindness and respect, and the team are united to achieve company goals. Through training, facilitation, mediation and investigations we can help to create a culture where the good thrives, and the bad does not!

Founders Elaine Richards, and Tamara Lloyd, created Business By Design Duo to support business owners and business leaders in leadership and business culture.  Their focus is to empower you with the practical tools and knowledge to become the best leader you can be, so you can create a thriving and sustainable business which gives you the growth, profits and choices you deserve.  

We can help Leaders with:

  • Designing planning days that inspire your team and level up your business
  • Getting better results out of your team
  • Fine tuning your leadership style for maximum success
  • Building a positive & productive culture
  • Building successful relationships with key staff or partners in your business
  • Change management
  • Streamlining Processes for optimum growth
  • Empowering current and future leaders within your team

Improving the lives of those finding themselves in difficult circumstances

Attend Events

Our events provide people with a fun, social experience and professional presenters who are experts and tell a good story.

Apply For Grant

Grants are given to people in necessitous circumstances in our community or to organizations that support people in need.

Make a Donation

With once off and monthly options, everyone who makes a donation, makes a difference to someone in need, in our community. 


We offer an affordable monthly membership

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