I would like to thank the Foothills Foundation, so very much, for funding a new CPAP machine for

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic sleep apnoea. Box Hill Hospital lent me an older model CPAP machine, which I was very grateful for.  A few months ago, I received a letter from Box Hill Hospital, advising me of a safety concern with the Phillip’s CPAP machine they lent me and advised me to stop using it. Since then, I have been hiring a machine, which has been costly.

Recently I was put in touch with a lady, who told me about The Foothills Foundation. To my eternal appreciation, the Foundation agreed to fund a CPAP machine for me.

I am a single mother and am on a disability pension. Life has been a struggle for many years and this is the first time in my life that someone has helped me out in this way.

The Foothills Foundation is a wonderful charity assisting disadvantaged people like me. I can now manage my sleep apnoea and know that it will benefit my health and my life, as a mother to my son.

Thank you so very much.